Great fuel savings and productivity improvements

Finally some result are starting to come in on our tune in the Round Bale Cotton Pickers before the rain started.

CONTRACTOR comparison, 2 tuned 500hp teir 7760's to current 530hp Teir 2.

Untuned the 500hp machine was 15 to 20 acres per day down on the 530hp version and would suffer with bogging down when bailing and in heavy crops.

500hp machine fitted with a brand name and popular chip box it was down 5 - 10 acres a day on the 530hp version with constant alarms and still bogging down when bailing etc.

Agri Tune Australia tuned 500hp machine picking the same acres per day as the new 530hp version with no alrms and no issues with rev loss.

Consider that some of these machines are on $120 per acre and the earnings just in productivity are huge.

We have no proper fuel figures, being a contractor he hadn't taken any notice, we will have figures when the rain stops and it dry's out. We certainly expect improvemtns to go with the productivity gains.