Some feedback

Some feedback on the JD 9030 series tractors (EGR) from a very happy Farmer/Contractor.

Working new ground with Grizzly offsets, TUNED 44.7L/hr over 3 days temp 86 - 87 degrees, STOCK 59 - 60L/hr 93 - 94 degrees.

Janke 12.6M cultivator with 14 inch sweeps, @ 10km/h TUNED 40L/hr 3 days @ mid 80's temps and had the ability to pull the implement @ 17km/h without dropping revs, not that you would! STOCK normally mid 50'sL/hr temp low 90's

Janke 12.6M cultivator as above rougher ground @ 7.9km/h TUNED 25L/hr temp 80 degrees. STOCK Unknown never seen it use this little fuel reagardless of speed, ground etc. Previous best planting into soft ground with same Janke with no till points 36L/hr.

Tractor always run @ 1800rpms both Tuned and Stock.


some feedback